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Lexcursions – Salvos debateLexcursions – Salvos debate

Late last year, Salvos Legal held its annual fundraiser: a lecture series with the headline event being a “Judges’ showdown”. It was a debate between judges and barristers on the topic: “That crime pays”. I took a pew (literally a pew) at the back of the Salvos hall to watch.
Luke Geary, the managing partner of Salvos Legal, took to the stage to introduce the debate. He set the scene and explained there would be two speakers from each side.
“In our entry poll,” said Geary, “56 per cent of you said that crime does not pay. But to convince you otherwise, [...]

Lexcursions – Christmas Tree FarmLexcursions – Christmas Tree Farm

Every Christmas, one hears stories about thieves breaking into houses and stealing presents out from under Christmas trees.
It’s a low act, but, I wondered – with Christmas approaching – are there thieves who are so low that they will steal the actual trees?
Not out from above the presents, but from the source: Christmas tree farms.
I telephoned the Sydney Christmas Tree Farm to find out. Ron, ex-school teacher, now tree farmer, agreed to meet me at his farm – but only after I’d promised I wouldn’t buy a tree.
I had initially promised to buy one, but he made me take that [...]

Lexcursions – Bedside WillsLexcursions – Bedside Wills

‘Upcoming Events’, read the sober newsletter of the Inner West Law Society, ‘Bedside Wills Dinner Seminar’.
I found myself shaking my head … a bedside will indeed.
I read on: “Our excellent speaker Peter Moran returns to address the Inner West Law Society again. A very recent Supreme Court case found against the solicitor for a bedside will … We anticipate the seminar will be popular.”
Popular? How many lawyers are into this? It’s bad enough that lawyers are still trying to make a buck drafting wills, let alone doing it by the bedside.
But then, I’ve done a few stupid things in my [...]

Blue & Blue MagazineBlue & Blue Magazine

1 Oct 2013 | Published in Archive of Everything, Blog, Media, News

The Old Collegian’s magazine of my high school, Sacred Heart College, asked me to write an article about myself, so I submitted the following. They refused to publish it (or even an edited version of it).  I’m still trying to figure out why.
Anthony studied at SHC from 1989 to 1991. He graduated as the Dux of the College, Captain of the Debating Team and the reigning South Australian Monopoly Champion.
Selling out his Catholic roots, Anthony was awarded the C.A.S. Hawker Scholarship (known as ‘Australia’s Rhodes’) to live at the Anglican Residential College, St Marks, while studying at Adelaide University. He [...]

Lexcursions – Paul BrennanLexcursions – Paul Brennan

Whenever I despair that I might have missed my calling, I like to take a comedian or writer friend out for lunch. Lunch is always on me, of course.
And these friends always give me the same sort of advice. They tell me I should leverage the law: become like the Kochie of law – and make a name for myself educating folks about legal issues, just as David Koch did with finance. You even have the hairline for it, they say. And the lousy jokes, too.
The problem is that it’s already being done. Paul Brennan describes himself as a “legal [...]

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Rocking out in Redfern
Rocking out in Redfern

Most of the lawyers at a music trivia night might have started practising law when Soundgarden rather than Schoolboy Q were moving the kids, but a music trivia night is for the young at heart, writes Anthony Jucha
The crowning event of Law Week this year was Redfern Legal Centre’s ‘Rock trivia fundraising event’.
The invitation encouraged contestants to “get competitive” and “get mean” and “claim the title of ‘Most Rockin’ Law Dudes Ever’.”
I was recruited to help out as a scorekeeper on the night.  I agreed… for the feel-good factor; for something to write about; and for a couple of cold slices [...]

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Launch of Adelaide Edition of Monopoly – Channel 10
Launch of Adelaide Edition of Monopoly – Channel 10

Launching the Adelaide Edition of Monopoly – as seen on Channel 10 News.


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Monopoly – ABC Radio 891
Monopoly – ABC Radio 891

A fun (half hour) interview with Sonya Feldhoff from ‘Afternoons’ at 891 ABC Adelaide about The Campaign for Real Monopoly – started by blogger Jonny Nexus to encourage people to play by the rules.
Click here to listen to Part 1 of the Interview
Click here to listen to Part 2 of the Interview
See also on ABC Radio’s page.

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Satire – What Makes a Man Bare All?
Satire – What Makes a Man Bare All?

Anthony’s 2004 Adelaide Fringe debut takes us on a journey that bares all. With musical support from Gary and Rob (and constant interruptions by Michael Hicks), the show features such unusual explorations as:
• why spotted ties send the wrong message
• the rejection letter poem
• the army, cocaine, grenades and me
• why thinking about work can actually increase arousal
• losing your virginity; beware the dark blue ring
• hard up at the puppetry of the penis auditions
• the brighter side of breaking your penis
• a long weekend sleeping out with the homeless
If there is a place in hell for you [...]