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The Final: Germany v Brazil… from BerlinThe Final: Germany v Brazil… from Berlin

30 Jun 2002 | Published in 2002: A World Cup Odyssey - Blog, Writing

I made hard work of getting to Berlin. My mind has given up and left me to face my decisions alone. What could have been a restful journey from Munich to Berlin turned into a frenzied fiasco via Frankfurt and an arrival in Berlin after yet another sleepless night on a train.
My body has caught on to my mind’s little game and turned against me as well. No amount of eating or sleeping will revive it above the most basic of functioning.
In the absence of any real sort of body or mind, I have been running solely on soul. A [...]

Germany v South Korea… from MunichGermany v South Korea… from Munich

25 Jun 2002 | Published in 2002: A World Cup Odyssey - Blog, Writing

Someone must have shuffled the streets of Brock while I was out drinking all day because I had great difficulty finding the train station that had introduced me to the town. A town of so few people and yet so many beers.
I awaited my overnight journey to Munchen with a drunken smile. I looked forward to a good sleep in a sleeper carriage couchette, but on boarding found that a woman who had earlier obliged with a photograph had now attached herself to me. I sensed that I had become her protector, her non threatening male, at that late hour.
The [...]

Jucha v Hungary, Romania and YugoslaviaJucha v Hungary, Romania and Yugoslavia

24 Jun 2002 | Published in 2002: A World Cup Odyssey - Blog, Writing

My journey to Turkey started swimmingly. Two trains from Madrid to Paris. Sixteen hours overnight. Lovely. A few hours at the station and then a quick train to Munich. Nine hours. No Worries. Again, some hours in Munich and then for the long haul. Forty-eight hours to Istanbul.
I was in good spirits and looking forward to Turkey. I was fortunate enough to sit next to a softly spoken Austrian whose name I could never quite get, but anglicised in my mind to be Bruno. In the few hours we shared, we discussed everything from world politics to sport to our [...]

Spain v South Korea… from MadridSpain v South Korea… from Madrid

22 Jun 2002 | Published in 2002: A World Cup Odyssey - Blog, Writing

My record leading up to Spain was abysmal. From thirteen games I had three wins, four draws and five miserable losses. If I were a team that I managed and coached, I would have gone on strike, resigned and sacked myself by now.
I yearned to see some dancing in the streets. With a strong team and a country full of Spaniards, I believed that Spain might provide the remedy. I dearly hoped they would reach at least the quarter finals for which I hoped to make Madrid. They did and I did. Just.
Italy’s railways conspired to make me miss all [...]

Italy v South Korea… from Verona to MilanItaly v South Korea… from Verona to Milan

18 Jun 2002 | Published in 2002: A World Cup Odyssey - Blog, Writing

It is quite a journey from Stockholm to Rome, but I felt confident that I could cover it in the forty-eight hours available. I felt happy and with good reason. I had arranged to meet up with my partner, Deb, in Berlin. Deb is a seasoned traveller and had agreed to join me for some of my madness. I looked forward to her sweet smile and some much needed sympathy.
I have developed sciatica. I know it as something Deb once had, common to overworked bodies made to sit for too long, say in trains, for example. It is an affliction [...]

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Rocking out in Redfern
Rocking out in Redfern

Most of the lawyers at a music trivia night might have started practising law when Soundgarden rather than Schoolboy Q were moving the kids, but a music trivia night is for the young at heart, writes Anthony Jucha
The crowning event of Law Week this year was Redfern Legal Centre’s ‘Rock trivia fundraising event’.
The invitation encouraged contestants to “get competitive” and “get mean” and “claim the title of ‘Most Rockin’ Law Dudes Ever’.”
I was recruited to help out as a scorekeeper on the night.  I agreed… for the feel-good factor; for something to write about; and for a couple of cold slices [...]

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Launch of Adelaide Edition of Monopoly – Channel 10
Launch of Adelaide Edition of Monopoly – Channel 10

Launching the Adelaide Edition of Monopoly – as seen on Channel 10 News.


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Monopoly – ABC Radio 891
Monopoly – ABC Radio 891

A fun (half hour) interview with Sonya Feldhoff from ‘Afternoons’ at 891 ABC Adelaide about The Campaign for Real Monopoly – started by blogger Jonny Nexus to encourage people to play by the rules.
Click here to listen to Part 1 of the Interview
Click here to listen to Part 2 of the Interview
See also on ABC Radio’s page.

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Satire – What Makes a Man Bare All?
Satire – What Makes a Man Bare All?

Anthony’s 2004 Adelaide Fringe debut takes us on a journey that bares all. With musical support from Gary and Rob (and constant interruptions by Michael Hicks), the show features such unusual explorations as:
• why spotted ties send the wrong message
• the rejection letter poem
• the army, cocaine, grenades and me
• why thinking about work can actually increase arousal
• losing your virginity; beware the dark blue ring
• hard up at the puppetry of the penis auditions
• the brighter side of breaking your penis
• a long weekend sleeping out with the homeless
If there is a place in hell for you [...]