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Bad SaturdayBad Saturday

21 Apr 2004 | Published in dB Magazine, Writing

Some years ago on Holy Thursday, the night before Good Friday, I was at the casino having an unholy good time. Drinking and gambling, on filthy feet. And winning! But midnight arrived and they closed the place up. Gambling is banned on Good Friday, so everyone left the casino using the Lord’s name in vain.
Ever since, I have wondered what happens when the casino reopens. What happens when Good Friday gives way to the next day? Bad Saturday.
I spruced myself up to find out. I donned my latest op shop suit; a brown plaid sort of a number. I wore [...]

Trials of a Bike CourierTrials of a Bike Courier

18 Feb 2004 | Published in dB Magazine, Writing

I rejoined the Law Society at its very reasonable rate for non-practicing lawyers. It was my first move on returning from London some time ago. Actually, it was my second move. My first move was to move in with my parents. My third move was to move out.
I may have been unemployed, but I was still qualified. Qualified (so said my new landlord) to rent. Phone, electricity, gas, water, food and (cask) wine soon followed. And bills with no billables, does not a happy lawyer make.
My profession was calling, but another called louder. I knew what I had to do [...]

New Year’s Eve at the RAHNew Year’s Eve at the RAH

14 Jan 2004 | Published in dB Magazine, Writing

I arrived at the Royal Adelaide Hospital at noon on New Year’s Eve. My plan was to sit in the accident and emergency waiting room for twenty four hours, straddling the midnight celebrations by twelve hours either side, and watch the carnage roll in. And so, I met with security to collect my visitor’s pass.
“If you need anything, just ask and we’ll do our best to accommodate you,” said the security guard. “But there’s just one thing we ask. If you see any problems – do not approach the problem.”
“No problem.”
I took up a chair in waiting room. An automated [...]

Land Warfare ConferenceLand Warfare Conference

26 Nov 2003 | Published in dB Magazine, Writing

A couple of weeks ago, Adelaide played host to a conference on warfare. The event rotates between capital cities each year, but this time, instead of wooing the host city, the conference hid beneath fears of terrorism, sneaking into the Convention Centre unannounced. ABC Radio found out (the DSTO’s web site gave it away) and managed to interview a spokesman who confirmed “Yes, the conference is happening, but we don’t want to talk about it.” Hardly a scoop.
I wanted to see the conference, but even more so I wanted to get in under its skin. I wanted to see the [...]

The Loved OneThe Loved One

15 Nov 2003 | Published in dB Magazine, Writing

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Rocking out in Redfern
Rocking out in Redfern

Most of the lawyers at a music trivia night might have started practising law when Soundgarden rather than Schoolboy Q were moving the kids, but a music trivia night is for the young at heart, writes Anthony Jucha
The crowning event of Law Week this year was Redfern Legal Centre’s ‘Rock trivia fundraising event’.
The invitation encouraged contestants to “get competitive” and “get mean” and “claim the title of ‘Most Rockin’ Law Dudes Ever’.”
I was recruited to help out as a scorekeeper on the night.  I agreed… for the feel-good factor; for something to write about; and for a couple of cold slices [...]

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Launch of Adelaide Edition of Monopoly – Channel 10
Launch of Adelaide Edition of Monopoly – Channel 10

Launching the Adelaide Edition of Monopoly – as seen on Channel 10 News.


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Monopoly – ABC Radio 891
Monopoly – ABC Radio 891

A fun (half hour) interview with Sonya Feldhoff from ‘Afternoons’ at 891 ABC Adelaide about The Campaign for Real Monopoly – started by blogger Jonny Nexus to encourage people to play by the rules.
Click here to listen to Part 1 of the Interview
Click here to listen to Part 2 of the Interview
See also on ABC Radio’s page.

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Satire – What Makes a Man Bare All?
Satire – What Makes a Man Bare All?

Anthony’s 2004 Adelaide Fringe debut takes us on a journey that bares all. With musical support from Gary and Rob (and constant interruptions by Michael Hicks), the show features such unusual explorations as:
• why spotted ties send the wrong message
• the rejection letter poem
• the army, cocaine, grenades and me
• why thinking about work can actually increase arousal
• losing your virginity; beware the dark blue ring
• hard up at the puppetry of the penis auditions
• the brighter side of breaking your penis
• a long weekend sleeping out with the homeless
If there is a place in hell for you [...]